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PostSubject: FORUM COMING DOWN...   Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:22 pm

... or, well, actually, sort of moving. Cathy's new website features a brand-new forum which includes all of her previous stuff as well as the new. By mutual agreement we felt that it was probably time for this forum to go. This was from the beginning a temporary site until Cathy could get her own site up and operational. It's taken time but the wait has been worth it and her site looks great.

So, as of 04/02, the first day of Dinah, this site will be inactive. Besides, you really want to be watching the Dinah over on Cathy's site anyway, right? Right... those of you who, like me, are unlucky enough not to go.

So... check it out -- (Check out the Channel CDB page for Cathy's live broadcast from Dinah later this week.)

Thanks to all of you who have helped out and made this forum enjoyable and fun. You're all very wonderful people and I'm grateful for all your friendship and assistance.

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