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 Cathy on SheWired

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PostSubject: Cathy on SheWired   Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:05 pm

New message from Cathy's blog. is coming... and so is "What's Your Problem?"

Hello Ya'll,

Entertainment (HERE TV) is launching it's brand new lesbian/bisexual
women's entertainment website in mid September, called SHEWIRED. COM... And "What's Your Problem?" is proud to be a part of that launch.

been far too long since Lucia and I sat in my living room with a guest,
the camera and a cheap glass of champagne for some fun and some
processing of your letters, questions and issues... But we are about to
be back!

This time around I'm going to accompany the video show with a written article that will address even more of your letters.

It's been a busy summer but we miss W.Y.P. and are so glad to be getting back into the groove.

I'll keep you posted -

Be Well,

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Cathy on SheWired
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