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 Slate & Kelly synopsis

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PostSubject: Slate & Kelly synopsis   Wed Jul 16, 2008 2:02 pm

*From FilmMCQueen website

a comedy

Producers: Cathy DeBuono/John W. McLaughlin
Co-Producer: Jane Clark
Director: Jane Clark
Screenwriter: Jane Clark
Created by: Cathy DeBuono/John W. McLaughlin/Kathy Hardigan
Starring: Cathy DeBuono and John W. McLaughlin
Supporting: Thea Gill, Jill Bennett, Michael Dorn, Calpernia Adams
Distribution: TBD

Misfits Slate and Kelly are wannabe police officers who both get kicked out of the police academy - Slate for being over-zealous with her weapon; Kelly for being too scared to pick his up.

Kelly comes from a family of police officers. Despite his aversion to violence, he applied to the police academy to prove to his disapproving father that he had was what it takes to "man up," after making it out of a bad meth habit. While he excelled in most aspects of the Academy, in particular with his genius level computer skills, in the end he was unable to overcome his abject fear of firearms. Now he works at the police station for the stern, Captain Bishop, as a data entry clerk.

Slate works at the local zoo in the monkey cage, at ease with the animals in a way she isn't with human beings. When she and her girlfriend are held at gunpoint and her girlfriend is shot and killed, Slate is powerless to help her. That event is the driving force behind her desire to become a police officer, but her uncontrollable anger stops her from making it through, despite her mental and physcial agility. She now scans the police scanner and shows up at crime scenes in an effort to find a clue that might solve a crime, and force Captain Bishop to reconsider her expulsion from the Academy.

When drag queens start showing up dead and the police are unable to infiltrate the community to find the killer, nicknamed the BOA-CONSTRICTOR, Slate is on the case, sure that this is a crime she has a chance of solving. Unbeknownst to her, Kelly has the same thought. Against Slate's better judgement, she agrees to team up with Kelly, with the hope that Kelly can go undercover as a drag queen and ferret out more info.

Much to her chagrine, he turns out to be a lousy drag queen, forcing Slate to take the role. Frustrated she is about to drop his ass, when he proves his usefulness by hacking into secure files to dig up information on a suspect. Both realize they need each other to actually succeed. After a bumbling beginning, an embarrassing faux pas that includes beating up an innocent person, threats from the Captain that they will be arrested for interfering with a police investigation, and a risky stake out, they triumph. They catch the killer and in the process find a friend and ally in each other.

-- Slate & Kelly is slated for webisodes, a series, and a feature film. Find out more at myspace/slateandkelly.
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PostSubject: Anyway we can help?   Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:58 pm

I love the premise of this and was wondering if there is some way some of the fans could help get this made? I'll be a Merch girl if I have to....I think I remember how.
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Slate & Kelly synopsis
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